Tuesday, November 20, 2007

WEP?? Leopard Internet Sharing Woes

I anxiously awaited Leopard in the hope that Intenet Sharing would support WPA. I have a really hard time understanding why Leopard supports Internet Sharing through WEP. Aircrack-ng and other tools can crack WEP in uder a minute - it just does not make sense.

Perhaps the Lazyweb can recommend a solution whereby I can do WPA through third party support? From what I understand WPA has the same performance impact as WEP (when not using AES) - but it probably is a case of the Hardware only supporting the old standard...

My recommendation? If you truly need to do Internet Sharing do it through the Ethernet port (using a crossover cable) or enable WEP only for a short while and change the password every time you use it.

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