Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First step towards the Semantic Web

It seems that the ideas reflected by Havoc Pennington and other GNOME developers in the GNOME Online Desktop echo some of the concepts put forward by Sir Tim Berners-Lee with his Semantic Web.

Very interesting...

I also have the desire, more and more everyday, that my data should integrate. I'm tired of synchronization issues, multiple calendars and task lists. The fact that items "dont match up". Standardization is definitely driving the ability to have a Semantic Web forward...

The challenge that we will then face is security and privacy. I for one would not want my personal calendar and tasks to be seen by everyone or synchronized with software or hardware that I do not fully control or own. Even though I would find it incredibly useful to see my work calendar on my personal phone (for planning purposes) that should not imply entitlement by my employer to have access to the rest of my data.

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