Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ImpiLinux 7.05 arrives

Its official, ImpiLinux 7.05 is here (

Its not a massive departure from the brilliant Ubuntu 7.04 but it has more of a business focus. We included Beagle, Kontact (as opposed to Evolution), Seahorse and Authtool by default.

Good news regarding patent laws

This is not brand new news, but I just re-read the article and it dawned on me that it is very good news for non-US countries - especially the EU - when it comes to software patents.

The US supreme court ruled that US software patents do not apply to countries outside the US, a short quote from the article:

"The presumption that United States law governs domestically but does not rule the world applies with particular force in patent law," said Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This ruling makes it imperative that countries which are still able resist software patents, do so as long as possible. US software developers frustrated by the patent mine-field created by the US patent system can also distribute their software outside of the US without fear of retribution.