Sunday, April 23, 2006

The wonder of PodCasts

I've had an iPod Nano for a while now and mostly used it for music and as a portable HDD. The other day one of my colleagues told me about the "IT Conversations" PodCast and I made a point of chasing down the recommendation.

Having evaluated it for about 4 days now I have to admit that this is truly an exciting and useful technology (part of this whole Internet Paradigm Super Shift). As a professional it allows me to stay abreast of all sorts of trends and developments while I'm on the move or at the gym. Off the bat I would like to recommend the following PodCasts (just search for them in the iTunes PodCast Store):

Security Now! (high quality and really easy to listen to)
Security - powered by PodTech (interesting snippets and industry news)
IT Conversations (not just security related, but daily, good quality features)

The past week was really a week of new, shiny toys in which I also received my first Windows Mobile 5.0 SmartPhone, the iMate SP5. What a wonderful piece of equipment. It turns out that this platform supports over-the-air PodCasts and PodCast updates. For those of you familiar with the iTunes/iPod paradigm this means that I can now download my PodCasts daily over-the-air onto my SmartPhone without the need to have a computer with iTunes at hand.
The products that I'm currently evaluating to do this are: and

The only downside to this approach is that GSM data (EDGE/EGPRS in my case) is more expensive than the DSL I have at home, and the fact that the SmartPhone only comes with 128MB of onboard storage (of which 64MB is ROM) compared to my iPod's 2GB of storage. Luckily it is possible to expand my SmartPhone's storage with a 4GB MiniSD card, which would immediately obsolete my poor 3-month-old iPod...

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